Friday, January 29, 2016

Lemongrass Beef

This is the third recipe I have made from Best-Ever: 500 Simply Delicious Recipes cookbook by Bay Books. Not sure of the origin of this dish, I thought it might be Indonesian due to the use of kecap manis, Indonesian sweet soy sauce. The dish consists of sirloin beef, garlic ginger, lemongrass, lime juice, fish sauce, kecap manis, red onion, and green beans. It is to be served on top of rice, preferably a long grain variety.

I made this dish on September 25, 2015. I did not take off the top two layers of the lemongrass or only use the white part. Those two mistakes left some of the more woody parts of the lemongrass in the dish. It was a bit more chewy than needed. I did love the flavors and thought it could use some chilis for heat.


Kecap manis has become a wonderful new ingredient to my cooking and the Best-Ever cookbook was part of the discovery of that ingredient. I have found a few possible solutions to the lemongrass issue. One idea is putting the lemongrass through a food processor. That seems to be the one I am leaning towards.

This dish had wonderful flavors, the citrus notes from the lemongrass and lime juice with the salty elements from the kecap manis and fish sauce played nicely. There was richness from the beef and herbaceousness from the green beans and lemongrass. Definitely, I need to make this again. 

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