Thursday, February 18, 2016

Salumi Pizza

This was a comedy of errors dish, my salumi pizza. Salumi are Italian cured meats, salumi literally means salted meats. Specifically on this pizza were prosciutto, Genoa salami, capicolo, and pepperoni. I tried to make this on January 8, 2016. I also put on the pizza mozzarella, parmesan and homemade marinara sauce. I washed the surface I was using to put the pizza together and then placed the pizza shell on it while it was still wet. Due to that it stuck the oven rack. I got it loose and was transporting the pizza to my rooms, when I dropped it.

I still had one pizza shells left, but in removing the shells I tore one, the one I did not use at first. I decided to use a baking sheet. The pizza stuck to that. I then removed half and tried cooking the other a little longer. The half I cooked longer became too done. First, I have never used the whole grain thin crust shells before. Second maybe I need thicker shells for these wetter pizzas. I had issues with sogginess with the veggie pizza. Since this was the first time using whole grain shells, maybe I need to avoid those. It tasted good, what I ate of it. I was upset because this was a rare cheat dish. Some of the meats were not on the cheap side. I do one dish a month that could be considered a cheat.


A few days later I tried to make it again. My mom saw how upset I was with the issues I had with this dish. She helped out with getting the ingredients for the third and fourth attempts. I used foil and olive oil Pam both of those times. The third attempt taught me I needed to lower the rack. The fourth attempt taught me that I went too low. I was trying to find the Goldilocks zone for this dish. I did not use the whole grain or whole wheat pizza shells on either of these attempts.

January 2016 was the fourth month in a row of pizza. I decided I needed a break from it. I also had finally used all of my homemade marinara sauce, and did not feel up to making a new batch at that time. When I get a place of my own, I will look to making my own dough again. I know how to properly toss pizza dough. I have also thought about the possibility of buying a pizza stone too. For now I will take a break from pizza. 


  1. lately for the pizza dough crust I have been using the Italian bread dough recipe, and kneed in herbs into the dough also.

    1. Due to my living situation I have been buying the pre-made shells. I used to make fresh handmade tossed dough daily when I was a pizza cook. Right now I do not have the room or space to do that in.