Saturday, February 20, 2016

Thai Chicken Massaman Curry

I had eaten Pad Thai, Noodles in Thai Peanut Sauce, and Satay. It was not until the early 2000’s that I started going to Thai restaurants. Part of the reason was there were two Thai restaurants nearby, one in Newberg, Oregon, the Golden Leaf, and one in McMinnville, Oregon, Thai Country. Before that most of the Thai places were 40 minutes away. I have frequented the Golden Leaf more often. Typically I have the fried squid and either a curry or a Thai fried rice dish. The two curries I typically buy are the yellow curry and the Massaman curry.  

Massaman curry is one of my favorites and I decided to make my own in January 2016. This has been a trend lately. I have preferred to make my own if I have eaten the dish before. Massaman is an antiquated term for Muslim in Thai. This dish is the Thai interpretation of either a Persian dish or this dish comes from southern Thailand where it was influenced by Indian and Malay cuisines. There are multiple theories as to the origin of this dish. It is typically made with chicken, but duck, beef, goat, and mutton are common. I have had this with shrimp, squid, and seafood. The pork version is the rarer, since pork in forbidden in Islamic dietary laws.

Typically, I have had this with a thin curry sauce with onions, potatoes, and carrots. I found a recipe online for this. I decided to go with a canned curry paste instead of making my own. The recipe did not include carrots but I wanted them in my dish.

On January 30, 2016, I made Thai Chicken Massaman Curry. The ingredients were olive oil, Massaman curry paste, ginger, chicken, honey, fish sauce, tamarind paste, peanut butter, potatoes, coconut milk, lime juice, and carrots. I replaced brown sugar with honey as I tend to do. The sauce was very thick, which was great by me. The sauce was a little on the sour side. The tamarind paste had seeds and other inedible plant material (parts of the pods, stems and so on). When I make it again I will cut the amount of tamarind paste and lime juice. It was not as spicy as I like so I may add more curry paste and possibly a Thai chile. I served it over jasmine rice. It was a very successful dish.

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