Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Vegetarian Tacos with Spicy Crema

One of my Facebook friends posted this list of Vegetarian Taco options. First thing, I love tacos, especially with tortillas de maiz (corn tortillas). The crunchy and crispy varieties are my favorites. That means I love the hard shells, the crispy deep fried shells, and the puffy tacos too. If there is a crunchiness or crispiness to the tortilla, I am all happy. With tostadas I am not much of a fan, the flat service is likely to spill. I encountered soft tacos with steamed corn tortillas in my twenties. I love those too to a lesser degree. Tacos with tortillas de harina (flour tortillas), I am also not a big advocate of. Flour tortillas, I associate with burritos. 

Growing up in Oxnard, California, good authentic tacos were available everywhere. Later, I discovered Tacos al Carbon and Tacos al Pastor. I discovered that Tacos al Pastor if done traditionally are cooked on a large skewer called a trompo. These are made with pork and cooked in a style similar to Doner Kebabs or Gyros. Let’s get back to the Tacos at hand. I was continuing my work to lessen my meat consumption, so this recipe sounded so good.


I did change the recipe up. Instead of using Old EL Paso taco seasoning, I found a copycat recipe for the spice mix online. I made my own. I used Anaheims chiles instead of bell peppers. When I make this next time I may use calabacitas (Mexican zucchini) and chayotes instead of the zucchini and summer/yellow squash. I also added some chipotle powder to the crema. I may use the sour variety of crema next time.

I made this on November 19, 2015. These were very tasty. Some possible additional garnishes would be pickled peppers, black olives, avocados, esquites (Mexican grilled corn salad), and some variety of salsa. The vegetable medley was flavorful and had a bite, meaning they were not overcooked. I advise to make sure you do not overcook the veggies. I loved this and would definitely make them again. 

9 Vegetarian Taco Recipes for Meatless Monday

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