Sunday, December 4, 2016


I made paiche (pronounced pie-CHAY) twice, paiche fillet with corn & roasted poblanos and pan seared paiche with spicy avocado sauce and greens. Paiche is an Amazonian fish that Whole Foods is selling. They are selling a farm raised variety, which according to Whole Foods’ site has taken the pressure off of the wild stocks and helped the communities farming it. It is a huge fish, that is meaty and high in protein. Since mom has been not feeling well in April 2016, I have been cooking for her. She bought this and I prepared it.

                              Paiche fillet with corn & roasted poblanos

The first dish was paiche fillet with corn & roasted poblanos. I made it on April 5, 2016. The fish is roasted or baked in the corn husk with the corn and poblanos mixture. Next time I plan to use tamale corn husks. The ones that I harvested from the ears of corn did not stay together well. The paiche fillets were large tail pieces. I placed the corn and poblanos mixture in the middle of the fillet, then wrapped it in the husk then in aluminum foil. It was very good, but I need practice in trimming corn kernels from them ear. I went to close to the cob, a few times.

                Pan seared paiche with spicy avocado sauce and greens

The second dish was pan seared paiche with spicy avocado sauce and greens. I made this dish on April 7, 2016. I used Swiss chard and beet greens for the greens. The meatiness of the fish contrasted nicely with the creamy avocado sauce with its jalapeƱos. The chard had a smokiness with the roasted garlic. I thought this was going to take longer than it did. It was mostly prep work. I also needed to wash the greens better.

On July 18, 2016, I made citrus roasted paiche in collard wraps. This was simple to make, but not as flavorful as the previous two dishes. The collard greens needed to be tenderer, and the citrus juice gave it too much acid in some cases. It was good, but the other two dishes were phenomenal.

I like this fish and these three recipes were very successful. These were a gift from mom, so I may not be able to afford them for a while. It is nice to know they are out there. My problem with my current economic situation is that fresh seafood is in most cases out of my price range.